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  1. Kristy Kay - Soup to Nuts & Bolts Back by popular demand! 1 stick of margarine, creamed with 16 oz powdered sugar, then add 16 oz creamy peanut butter and 3 cups of rice krispies. Mix until combined then roll into balls and chill. Melt 14 oz of your choice of chocolate. For me, it’s white or dark. I love Baker’s baking chocolate but even the melting chocolate from the craft store tastes great. Enjoy! (Makes 100 small or 50 large)

  2. Need to add character and looking for more than paint but maybe you’re not into wallpaper? Try floating “boxes” of trim moulding. Leave white or paint same as the walls. Adds drama and character easily.

  3. Painting tips? Don’t be afraid of a dark color in a room filled with light and lots of white trim. Here I’m using Ben Moore Taos Taupe. It actually helps a room feel bigger and cozy all at the same time. Also, do all the “cutting in” (painting around the trim) first, rolling the walls is the quick and easy part and it’s just painting in the lines at that point.

  4. Here’s a fun springtime centerpiece. Just take a pretty, shallow (watertight) container or serving dish, some potting soil and grass seed and you can grow a small patch of your own indoors. Create an indoor garden with individual gerber daises (in florist spikes) or, great for a tabletop Easter Egg garden!

  5. Make an impressive dessert tonight - here a simple boxed cake mix gets a red carpet look. I stacked two round cakes of different sizes for height and dimension. Next, I used a basic frosting but I put it in a ziploc bag with a pastry tip and pipped a fun top. Fancy and easy!

  6. Absolutely loving this spring palette of navy, teal and lime green. Instantly my inspiration for my appearance on Los Angeles’ KCAL news next week. Stay tuned for some great fresh ideas for you home!

  7. Designer trick….Ever think of using drapes as shower curtains? It’s true. With an adjustable rod, adjust to the appropriate height of the drape so it’s around 1 inch off the floor. There’s more width to drapes (100 inches versus 72”) so it creates a lot of drama by the sheer volume. Often times, there’s more of a selection in all price points as well!

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day! Instead of traditional chocolates, try my favorite French Macarons. Crisp meringue outside but yet gooey inside and a whole variety of fillings. Too fancy to make (trust me, I’ve tried over and over), so enjoy them as a gift! Pistachio is heavenly!

  9. Often times furniture stores sell great accessories and rugs - take notice next time you’re furniture hunting. I found this great mirror for a client in a furniture gallery!

    Paint and new window treatments - the transformation never gets old. It’s the easiest renovation you can do. Today was my favorite kind of Saturday, a beautiful client install. She got it all, paint/windows/furniture/accents..I even swapped rooms around (the dining room is now the family room…much better flow). A great day! Stay tuned for before and after pics

  10. With the snow storm approaching, I take comfort in looking at bright and cheery fabrics. Look at this great palette of pinks, yellows and browns. Not sure how to mix and match?… fabric stores have a great selection of special order fabrics, or fabric that can be cut right off the bolt. Lay everything out right in the store to see how it looks together. A good rule of thumb, basic on the permanent pieces, and use drapes, pillows and maybe an accent chair to bring in the “fun”.

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